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Lesson Rates for guitar, bass & ukelele

Rates are current as of 1st November 2017 and are inclusive of private home tuition fees, advance lesson preparation, printed materials, travel expenses & time incurred travelling to/from your home.


Lessons can either be booked week-to-week and paid in cash in person at the start of each lesson, or booked and paid for in advance as a block booking of 5 lessons (with the added bonus of securing a regular lesson slot and a 10% discount!).

Block bookings must be paid in full in advance - either by cash in person or online by credit/debit card or PayPal. All transactions via the Parr Guitar Online Store are 100% secure with a trusted and verified payment system by PayPal.


All advance payments received are non-refundable.


Cancellations must be made with 24hrs notice when possible.  We will re-arrange your cancelled session to another suitable time so you won't miss out!

Booking, Payment & Cancellation Policy

Why not learn with your child or with a friend and support each other along the way?

You can both practice and motivate each other at home and it provides quality time together.  

It also makes the per-person price cheaper too.

For only £7 extra per lesson on top of the regular rate,  2 or 3 people can learn together.

A 10% discount is applied to the total for block bookings of 5 lessons, paid in advance.

+ £7 for parent or friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lessons held?


All lessons are held in the student's home - I travel to you!  Ideally, we'll have the use of a living room, dining room or an office/study for lessons.  Locations covered include all of Inverclyde and parts of Renfrewshire (and occasionally parts of North Ayrshire) - visit the main Tuition page for the full specific list of towns.

Other locations outwith these areas may be considered too so feel free to enquire!  


What times are you available for lessons?


Home tuition visits are available from 1pm to 9.00pm Monday to Thursday and 1pm to 7pm on Fridays. At present, I'm not available for tuition on Saturdays or Sundays. Existing students and my current travel routes usually determine lesson availability in your area but these can be flexible so get in touch with your preferences.


Do I need to own a guitar before I start?


Yes, as you need to be able to practice in between lessons if you want to progress!  


What guitar should I buy for a beginner?


A beginner's acoustic guitar can be bought for around £80 and an electric guitar and amp package for £100-150. Please feel free to contact me for advice.  


Do I have to read music?


No. For the majority of students, chord diagrams and simple chord song-sheets are used instead of music notation, as well as listening and practical playing exercises.  For more advanced parts, guitar tablature (TAB) is used, which is specific to guitar and easy for most students to learn quickly.  


How many lessons does it take before I’ll be able to play?


Different students learn at different speeds and certain styles are easier to master than others.  The amount of practice you can put in makes a big difference too.  As a guide, you will know how to play a few chords within the first 2-3 lessons and will be able to play a full song by lessons 4-5.   But for guitarists, no matter how long they have played for, there is always so much more to learn.  


How often should I have lessons?


Ideally, weekly lessons are best.  Most students prefer weekly lessons and it helps to progress.  However, fortnightly lessons can also be a good option if you have a busy work or social life.  We can discuss what suits you best at our first lesson.


How much practice should I do?


This depends on how fast you want to progress. I'd recommend that beginners practice three or four times a week for about half-an-hour.  Or even a quick 15-20 mins each day, when you have some spare time.  It's much better to have the guitar handy and get short but regular practice sessions in when you can, than just doing one hour once a week.  There is only so much your finger-tips can take too!


Is there an age-limit for child students?


Children can start learning guitar at a very young age, but I'd recommend eight years old or older.  I tend to use a text-book course to start with and then progress to tailored, bespoke lessons as they progress.  Younger child students start off learning half-size chords to build up their playing ability before progressing to full guitar chords.   In my experience, chidren younger than 8 yrs old tend to struggle with the physical demands of their small hands & fingers playing the guitar strings.  However, ukuleles make a great first instrument as they have less strings and only require 1-3 fingers to play chords. So, that may be worth trying first.


Can I take lessons with my child / friends?


Absolutely - this is a great way to learn!  You can both practice and help motivate each other.  It's also creates  quality family/friends time together, away from the other commitments of daily life.  Parents wanting to learn with their child or two or three mates who want to learn together also benefit from cheaper rates too - it's £30 per lesson for up to 3 people (almost 40% discount off regular individual rates!).  

Rates include private tuition fee,  advance lesson preparation and all printed materials plus a nominal charge for fuel costs and time travelling to/from your home.  

All lessons last 45 minutes, except for children aged 8-12 years which last 30mins (* rates below).


INVERCLYDE: £23 per lesson or £104 per block of 5 x lessons

*£18 per lesson (30mins) / £81 per block



RENFREWSHIRE: £25 per lesson or £113 per block of 5 x lessons

(Langbank, Bishopton, Erskine, Bridge of Weir, Houston & nearby)

* £20 per lesson (30mins) / £90 per block



30+ MINS RADIUS: £30 per lesson or £135 per block of 5 lessons

(Locations with 30mins or more driving time to/from Port Glasgow)

* £25 per lesson (30mins) or £113 per block


Current Locations



Port Glasgow


Wemyss Bay


Other Locations Considered:





Bridge of Weir



Additional locations may be considered

- get in touch & check availability!